Elgin Comic Con


Sunday 24th June from 10:00am to 4:00pm

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there may still be tickets available from the Pop Shop or ESP in Elgin

The Pop Shop, 24 Thunderton Place, Elgin, Morayshire, IV30 1BG - GET DIRECTIONS
ESP, 5 Moss St, Elgin IV30 1LU - GET DIRECTIONS

sorry, tickets are sold out

Online sales are now finished
there may still be tickets available from the Pop Shop or ESP in Elgin

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Terms and Conditions

1. Contract
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1.6 If an event is cancelled we will make notification by posting on our website and social media pages.
1.7 If an event is moved to another date we will make notification by posting on our website and social media pages, we suggest that you always check the website before you begin your journey.

2. Price and Dispatch
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2.4 No duplicate tickets will be issued to replace lost or stolen tickets unless suitable reason is given and accepted by El-Con who have full and final decision.
2.5 If a customer orders more tickets than the maximum allowed as indicated during the booking process, we reserve the right to cancel the order.
2.6 We will not be responsible for failure of any delivery services employed to deliver on time.
2.7 Children under 5 are granted free admission to the event but still need a ticket. Under 5 tickets will only be provided along with the purchase of any other ticket. A maximum of 2 under 5s tickets per paid ticket.
2.8 All online purchases wiil receive an "E-Ticket" but purchasers have the option to receive a physical ticket by selecting a 'POSTAGE' option on the shop page. Postage and packaging prices are charged at a flat rate of £1.50 and covers all tickets purchased in a single transaction.

2.9 We reserve the right to refuse tickets and/or entry on any grounds which we consider reasonable.

3. Performances
3.1 The right to refuse admission to an event is reserved by the El-Con at all times and/or event venue, who may take health and safety, environmental and security concerns into account at their reasonable discretion and may from time to time carry out security searches.
3.2 We would advise customers that no refunds will be offered to customers who are refused entry or ejected from a venue on account of late arrival, being or appearing to be under age, declining to be searched, abusive, threatening, drunken or other anti-social behaviour (including smoking in no smoking areas), carrying offensive weapons or illegal substances, or making unauthorised audio, video or photographic recordings. Full rules for photography are at the bottom.
3.3 All guest appearances are subject to work and personal commitments.
*Certain areas of the events may be age restricted and you are purchasing the tickets based on this knowledge and it is accepted that you have read these terms and conditions of sale. Please ensure that you read all the information that applies to any restrictive area of the event when you arrive at the venue and that you are carrying proof of age if appropriate.
3.4 Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a ticket holding adult.

4. Liability
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5. Special Circumstances
5.1 When ordering tickets online, the website will not prevent you from buying tickets for two different events at the same time. If this happens we will not refund in any circumstances even if any other clauses apply.
5.2 Tickets which are resold or transferred for any reason by anyone other than El-Con or an authorised agent will become voidable and the holder will be refused entry.
5.3 No tickets need to be purchased for children under five years of age.

6. Privacy
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7. Use of our Website
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7.2 We will not accept any liability for tickets or other goods and services which have been ordered through our website or bought at the event using your credit/debit card by someone not authorised to do so.
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7.4 All transactions for purchasing tickets are handled via PayPal.

8. Invalidity
8.1 If any part of these conditions is unenforceable (including any provision in which we exclude our liability to you) the enforceability of any other part of these conditions will not be affected.

9. No Waiver
9.1 No failure or delay on the part of any parties to these conditions relating to the exercise of any right, power, privilege or remedy provided under these conditions shall operate as a waiver of such right, power or remedy.

10. Competitions
10.1 All competitions run at the El-Con event will have their own terms and conditions associated with them so you should ensure you read any and all terms and conditions associated with any competitions or events that you take part in on the day or in the lead up to the El-Con event.

11. Governing Law
11.1 These Terms and Conditions and our agreement with you under them shall be governed by Scottish Law, and we agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdictions of the Scottish Court for the determination of any dispute between us.

12. Fun
12.1 While at the El-Con convention you must have fun, if you are not having fun you must try a different area of the con until fun is achieved. Unfortunately, there are no refunds for funlessness.

Additional Notes
Rules for All Photography at El-Con

El-Con Comic Convention will be a vibrant event which offer a variety of photography opportunities. Taking photographs is encouraged- no special permission is needed to bring a camera to the event. The event, venue, and attendees all have expectations, so please note the following rules that apply to everyone attending El-Con Conventions:

  • Photography is permitted in all public areas of the show unless signs or staff indicate otherwise.
  • Outside of organised activities on stages, exhibitor stands, and signings permission must be sought from the subject(s) of a photograph before beginning to take photographs; the photographer must also oblige if the subject requests to see the photograph taken.
  • It is unacceptable to take or attempt to take photos deliberately geared towards compromising common decency or the dignity of the subject, for example contriving the cameras position to shoot up a skirt or kilt.
  • Any equipment used must be held by the photographer. Free standing equipment or additional equipment held by other people e.g. lights and flashes is not permitted, unless part of a booked trading or exhibiting space. This equally applies to people with a press pass; a press pass does not grant permission to set up a studio.
  • Use of power sockets requires the permission of the event. Venues further require permission to be sought from them if wanting to use power sockets within a venue but outside of the event.
  • Photographs taken at events may only be sold to press outlets unless taken as part of a booked trading or exhibition space. If you wish to sell photography services to the general public or the subjects of the photographs without a booked trading or exhibition space, a £500 fee will be charged for commercial photography.

Cosplay Rules & Guidelines

EL-Con reserve the right to deny entry, withdraw access, or cancel tickets without refund to anyone deemed to be breaking these rules. Moreover, El-Con and security for the event and venue reserve the right to reject any weapon or prop if deemed likely to cause a nuisance.

If you have an unusual item or need further clarification, please message the El-Con Page. Note that no absolute assurance can be given without seeing and holding the item in question.


Note that the following items are banned from EL-Con: Metal blades whether sharp or blunt e.g. swords, axes, and knives. Actual guns, rifles, or artillery. Heavy bats, paddles or clubs including wooden or metal baseball bats. Bokken- a type of hard wooden (or toughened plastic) training sword. Explosives and incendiary devices. Functional strung bows or crossbows, sharp arrows or bolts. Heavy gas canisters. Protruding nails or other sharp items. Laser pointers regardless of if they are part of a costume or prop. Any other items restricted or prohibited from being carried in public by the relevant country's law; there is some allowance for imitation firearms. There are no exceptions made to these rules for special licences, memberships, or training. If you have any queries regarding the display or transportation of a weapon or prop outside of the event, contact the relevant authority. Police may destroy confiscated items without warning. Attendees bring items to an event at their own risk. EL-Con may give permission for anything usually forbidden by these rules e.g. to an exhibitor or sponsor for a promotion. Therefore, breaking the Costume, Weapons, and Props Rules based on what you have observed at the event will not be accepted as an excuse

Attire & Costume

Nudity is not permitted, nor are exposed costume or prosthetic genitalia. Adult fetish attire such as extreme BDSM gear. Skimpy costumes are permitted though concessions to accuracy are needed if skimpy to the point of negligible coverage i.e. less than typical swimwear. Take extra precautions beneath a skimpy or delicate costume to avoid exposing yourself completely should something go amiss. With regards to costumes, please note that: The maximum dimension of a costume is one meter between any two points, excluding fabric trains and parts that collapse to a smaller size, e.g. wings that fold. If a costume is bulky and made of hard materials, or includes parts outside of usual human dimensions you must have at least one person with you as a guide. Examples include full fur suits, armour, wings, and robots. Costumes, props, performances, and displays must not involve or create naked flames, explosions, nor arcs or bursts of exposed electricity. While not expressly banned, EL-Con reserve the right to intervene in the case of attire or costumes with the following: profanities or sexual acts; inciting of hate or crime; and uniforms, emblems, or flags of organizations responsible for crimes against humanity.

Mundane Items

Items that people normally carry such as umbrellas or walking sticks, as well as small mundane items such as vegetables, pans, rolling pins, and racquets are allowed up to a length of 150cm. Most musical instruments e.g. guitars are allowed. Lightweight plastic or foam bats, paddles, and clubs are fine. Roller skates and blades, skateboards, scooters, go-carts, Ice skates etc are not allowed, even with skate guards attached. Heavy items that could be used as weapons e.g. iron pokers, heavy cast iron pans, or crowbars are not permitted. Nor are power tools such as actual chainsaws or hedge trimmers. Melee Weapon Props Except items mentioned or tantamount to those in the Banned Items list (e.g. blades, bokken, and heavy bats) melee weapon props are permitted. Any sensible material is permitted e.g. wood, foam, card; avoid materials that may shatter into sharp pieces or otherwise pose a danger. The maximum size permitted is 150cm, or 180cm in the case of a staff. Larger items must be able to be dismantled into smaller pieces without tools and be so dismantled before entering crowded areas. Scythes are a particularly difficult item to carry safely. As such, they must be made to disconnect into two parts for carrying regardless of size. Shields are allowed if they do not exceed 1 metre in height or width. Theatre items such as hollow aluminium retracting swords with no sharp edge are permitted. Foam weapons built round a core such as those used for live action role playing are permitted. Lightsabers are permitted- including those with a metal hilt.

Guns and Other Projectiles

Please take care when outside or when transporting any form of firearm prop. Regardless of how realistic it looks, ensure it is completely hidden while traveling and be aware of your surroundings, attire, and the appearance of your props to ignorant bystanders when outside. Failure to do so can cause problems for the event & the police on occasions. Unrealistic and toy guns such as those sourced from modern children's programming (made of brightly coloured plastics, with flashing lights and stickers), or that are clearly science fiction based (phasers, plasma guns, blasters), and foam firing toys are permitted; maximum size is 150cm. Antiquated muzzle loading gun props such as flintlock pistols & blunderbuss are similarly allowed. (must not be loaded and no ammunition carried)

Realistic imitation firearms such as accurate plastic pistols or rifles, airsoft guns, or BB guns are allowed (if legal!) with a brightly coloured tip on the end of the muzzle of the gun OR if they have significantly brightly coloured portion. (These must not be loaded and no ammunition carried) This does not have to be permanently fixed to the item and can be removed for photographs if fitted back in place immediately afterwards. Metal deactivated guns or metal gun props are not recommended. Staff and security will assess such items on a case by case basis and reserve the right to consider any such item as breaking the rules at their discretion. Caps, incendiaries and any ammunition that can be fired are not allowed. Compressed air chambers and batteries for weapons are similarly not permitted. Replica rocket and missile launchers, mortars, and other anti-aircraft or artillery props are not sensible items to transport or bring to the event. If you do so, do not expose them to view when outside.

Bows and crossbows

Bows and crossbows are allowed if unstrung or if they are prop bows that cannot effectively fire an arrow or bolt i.e. drawing the string does not create tension in the arms and/or string that could be used to fire a projectile effectively; said string must also not be adjustable via tightening to fire a projectile effectively. Many actual bows simply look like sticks without string and may therefore be unsuitable for use as part of a costume. Prop strung bows shaped to look like a bow under tension without being under tension are allowed if not contrived somehow to fire projectiles effectively. Slings and catapults are allowed but must never have ammunition loaded.